Walls R Us assumes responsibility for moving furniture, books, items, pictures to facilitate the painting process. When necessary, rooms are digitally photographed prior to beginning work so that your things will be returned to their correct places upon completion of the work.

All furniture still inside the room is meticulously wrapped in plastic. Floors are covered with heavy duty, canvas drop cloths, imported from the USA. Rugs are covered first with thick grade nylon sheets and then covered with drop cloths. Outlet covers are removed and cleaned.

The most important and time consuming step is the surface preparation. Walls R Us always invests the time and effort required to open all cracks, scrape away loose paint and crumbling plaster before repairing. The walls and/or ceilings are then sanded smooth. Discoloration from previous water damage is covered with stain-block primer/sealer before painting.

Paint is applied both by brush and roller. Walls R Us uses only the finest angle-cut brushes imported from the USA and unavailable in Israel.

Walls R Us prides itself in its attention to detail throughout the painting process. Working neatly and cleaning up after the work is of critical importance to us.

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